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Thoughtless living is nothing other than a learned response to past experiences a learned response that will prevent you from living life in the way you deserve!

This book reveals the many faces of the ego that limits your life in myriad ways, ways we so often choose not to look at. But through new choices, we find we can change.

You deserve far more from life than you have believed is possible … Reach out, become “aware” through simple practices, and see for yourself how this awareness, and a few simple choices, can truly enrich your life!

Read one chapter or all – simply pick up the book and start anywhere, and the answer you’ve been looking for to a challenge in your life may just reveal itself.

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Fifteen years ago, I developed a deep-seated passion for discovering the limitations that kept me from experiencing enduring peace and joy. It is a passion that continues to this day, and one I wish to share.

My first book, Silent, covers the first step: why it is necessary to become aware of our limitations. Thoughtless covers the second step, how, and reveals the personality traits that we adopt whenever we feel less than fulfilled, unsure, or challenged in life.

Discovering the ego’s many faces is a key step on this journey. Identifying and observing the personality traits at work when you feel ineffective, limited, or less than who you are is the key to your very freedom. Pinpointing any of these traits will provide choices … and enable you to make fresh decisions and achieve remarkable change.


Raw, honest, and inspiring. Thoughtless is a book that puts life into

Pascal Skelin

Informative, eye-opening and enlightening.

Cindy Tizard, Business manager
Life changing to how I see and overcome challenging feelings and events.
Jason Scott
Incredibly raw and realistic that showed a cleared path to follow everyday– a great read.
Michelle Kunstle


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