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How you live your life will be based on your choices. Trust and have faith in the process of life and allow it to unfold. Every challenging, disempowering, or anxious experience you encounter is a chance to change your reality for the better—immeasurably so.

Why do we so consistently feel less empowered, or overwhelmed? Look for the many obvious signs around you—they will become easy to recognize and understand. In this awareness alone, great change will happen.

The first step is always the hardest yet be assured that each step thereafter is far easier to take. Each step will create an immense drive to continue; each step will bring immeasurable benefits into your reality.

Access the power you hold within you and open doors to all possibilities …

This is the third edition of this book. I have rewritten it a decade since its first release—a decade of further practice. My life has changed immeasurably in so many ways, and now the important lessons that have transformed my life are captured within this book to be shared.

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I lived with fear, anxiety and unease for most of my life ─ from a traumatic childhood, to teenage years living with both psychological and physical addictions, that would all be replaced at age nineteen, with my primary addiction to work. Obsession to work, that led to a wildly successful career in all-things real estate. Earning six figures every week, I could go anywhere, and buy anything in the world I wanted – and I did. But there came a point in my life where I knew I was living a lie. The constant unease and anxiety I experienced finally manifested into a mid-life crisis. That’s when I started to ask very important questions for me and those close to me. Questions such as “what is the purpose of all this?”, “what is the meaning to life?”, and “why, with everything I have around me can’t I find sustainable joy and peace in my life?”

My journey to connect the dots to find a fulfilling life, went from a self-desire to understand more of the ‘why’ to life, to supporting those I loved, to a wider universal desire to help people in need. I developed a genuine passion to share my many lessons with anyone that felt they wanted more from their life. Silent was written to provide answers and simple practices, and thereby help people find ‘sustainable’ love, peace and joy in their lives.


A positive book with an attractive simple elegant black cover.
Silent will appeal to those who are interested in personal development.
Written with passion by one who has learned valuable life lessons
through endurance, forgiveness and the experience of many personal hardships,
coming out more resilient, compassionate with a greater awareness
of self and inter-connectedness of all beings.
At some point in time, the beautiful lotus flower will spring out
of the mud of human suffering and misery.
This book helps to guide as well as remind us that we are all human lotuses
and given the right conditions and spiritual awareness,
it is possible to reach great personal fulfilment in a wholistic sense.

Dr Sian Ong - Psychiatrist MB BS (UNSW), FRANZCP St Leonards, Sydney, Australia

Amazing book. A pouring out of thoughts, fears and feelings.

Great courage from Greg. An inspiration to us all.

Stewart Boag B.Ec, M.Com Banking, Singapore

‘Silent’ speaks volumes.
Profound and simple.
‘Silent’ is golden.

Augusta Miller, Los Angeles, USA


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