Prepare … Breathe by allowing your stomach muscles to expand and contract. Feel them expand and contract until your body has rested. This process ensures that oxygen penetrates deep within your lungs. The breath will become shallow as the body rests. The body will rest, and the mind will become quiet. Hold this quiet place for a few valuable minutes. As the mind becomes more active…..


Be the thing you desire. If you want more of something, hold the thought and visualize your best outcome. You can even draw a picture of your desired outcome or outcomes … the tree of your life. For example, you might draw a diagram with yourself and someone special at the top, then add your children and all the things you hope they’ll achieve and enjoy, then the rest of your family, where you will be, your work, the perfect job and the people you’ll work with, the book you will write, the charity you will set up, the adventure you will be on, your health … list it all … be game, be daring, and visualize … Drawing or sketching this visualization significantly helps you picture the desires on which your meditations can begin and end.


After each meditation do the things you would do if your desired outcome had already been realized. Give what you are desiring away first … (so that the ego mind’s idea of scarcity dismissed. If you want love, subliminally give or send love to someone else. Peace? Give it away to others—especially those you have recently argued with. Send love to others regardless of who it is or how much wrong you feel they caused you. You must do as you desire. Why do you want more money? Just for money’s own sake? Decide how it will help you and those you love—the universe knows this desire—it is wrapped in its basic laws of completeness and wholeness. This step in conscious creation can keep your vibrational energy high and help you maintain the peace of mind needed. Have faith and allow the universe to support you


Maintain faith that you have what you desire. Hold your grace by knowing and trusting in the outcome. Remove expectation and replace it with faith and knowing. Believe that the desire and the outcome will be granted in the manner that is for your highest benefit and highest good. Believe you have it without needing to see the outcome first. Do not allow the ego to obsess over the desire.