Let’s practice the technique of the journey inward. First, simply start breathing. Let your breath be intentional and pronounced. Breathe air in through your nose and draw it deep into your belly, and then slowly breathe out through your mouth. By slowly, I mean exhale three times more slowly than you breathe in. As you breathe in, you should see your stomach rise. As you exhale you should see it drop. Now, do this more pronounced version of breathing at least five to six more times, if you can, with no intervals between breaths.


After this, it is time to slow your breathing and the intervals between breaths. The deep, intentional breaths will have put enough oxygen into your body for you to be able to slow your breath sufficiently. However, do not be alarmed by the negative thoughts that will creep into your mind. This is just your ego resisting change. Accept everything as it comes: peace, fear, more time to breathe—whatever comes, let it be! Remember, this is about acceptance of everything that occurs—of everything that is heard, felt, and thought.


Allow your breath to gradually get quieter and shallower. As it becomes quieter, follow it with your mind. Your mind will start to relax and go within. Remember, as a sound or thought occurs, do not be troubled. Let it be. In this awareness, simply return to the breath; soon you will barely hear it … even if your home or park is next to a main road. Practice strengthens this meditation, and it becomes so much easier. However, this is one of the simplest and most effective techniques for finding the mental space or silence you need now, so you won’t need much—if any—practice to find moments of great rest the first time you try.


Now I want you to think of sunlight and allow it to flood over your body—beautiful, warm sunlight. Feel its warmth. Your mind has the power to feel it simply by imagining it. Allow the white light to wash over you and bring it into your being. Feel its warmth, relaxation, and peacefulness.


Now imagine the light completely covering you—swirling over and around you. Once you have this image clearly in your mind, begin to breathe it in, and let the light swirl freely within you through your breath, gently massaging you from within. Just feel it. Don’t try to understand it—simply imagine it. Allow it to happen.


Be silent, let go, and rest. If you feel agitation or restlessness, find the place within your body that is experiencing it. Sense the exact place of unrest and breathe light into it. (In my case, I often feel bodily pain in my stomach as nervousness or anxiety, a tingling sensation that runs up and down my torso as if commanding me to jump up and do something … anything but feel.) Allow the light to wash over it, and as you breathe outward, imagine that anxiousness or dark dense energy being released from you. It will dissipate from the very awareness and present-moment attention you are now giving it.

Within these minutes, you will find a few valuable seconds (later, with more practice, a few more valuable minutes) of rest, and thereby hone your skills to acquire the many benefits it will bring into your life. Do not be afraid of the new sensations or fearful thoughts that will arise. You may experience moments of deep restfulness—as if you are losing control, which is scary in itself. The truth is you are consciously learning to let go of the need to control.

Meditation using light (6min)