“Once you have learned to love, you will have learned to live.”
— Unknown

Creating Healthy Relationships

Now that you’ve had some time to explore your unhealthy attachments, you can begin to look at how to develop healthy, authentic relationships. The good news is that your relationships can begin to transform right now. The troublesome ones can get easier and the good ones can get even better!


Here are some powerful and effective ways to transform your relationships – instantly, if you choose. With this exercise, you follow the first two points consistently all week – if you break down and react, accept that behaviour, but do not criticize yourself; simply take a moment in silence and return to step one below.

Never forget that Self-love (not self-criticism or self-loathing) is vital for finding sustainable love, peace, and joy in your life and an authentic connection with others!

  • Second, when you are ready to react, ask yourself, “What would love do now?” If this doesn’t work for you and you still feel ready to respond impulsively, then reason with yourself that there are no winners when people react in the heat of the moment. Choose to be kind rather than right! Remove judgment and reason becomes clear!
  • Remember that everyone is seeking to fulfil two primary desires: the desire to be loved and the desire to be accepted. No matter how hard it may seem to love and accept someone who triggers your negative emotions, allow him or her to have this moment without any reaction from you. As you stick to this behaviour, in this moment of observation feel how good you feel, regardless of whether the other person’s response to you is good, bad, or indifferent.
  • Remember that no one and no event can “make” you feel something unless you allow it – your choice. When someone does or says something that causes a reaction in you, you can always choose how to feel and how to respond. The more you take the opportunity to make that choice consciously, the less likely you are to react impulsively.
  • Know you have the power to change any situation. If you cannot make sense of the nonsense and your loved one simply can’t hear what you are saying, or not saying, choose to leave the situation (if you have the means to do so), or, if you remain, choose to accept it and do what you can to improve your life from there. Make a decision, and then stick with your decision.
    Remember to simply accept what happens – make the effort (for you), but if you slip up do not fall into self-loathing… merely try again! Call it kindness week and be kind to yourself.
  • This week you are learning to accept life! All that happens to you, and how others react to you.
    A tip: “Leaving others with their reality and holding on to yours means that you will not take other people’s reactions as a personal attack.”
    Instead, you are learning to accept life and others! This is truly a lesson in finding an instant moment of peace!
    How do you feel? At peace? What causes it – SELF-DISCOVERY!