“I will not tell you what I think and feel for fear of what you may think and feel; therefore, I will say nothing.”
— John Lee

Removing Fear

The separation that we have been conditioned to believe is real causes us to make choices based on our fear – it’s our way of protecting ourselves.

Fear manifests in many forms –- anger, resentment, aggression, emotional challenges, physical and psychological addictions, ready judgment of others, the drama we seek out from others, failure to take responsibility (while blaming others all too easily), feelings of lack, constant defensiveness, projection of our fears onto others (often those closest to us) …

Life becomes all too exhausting. No wonder we suppress our feelings. We carry the fear of not having enough, of not being good enough, of being unloved or unworthy – but it all comes back to the lessons we learned early in life and have carried through life since. A mistake – nothing more! And it is a mistake that can be remedied.

We serve our false needs to protect ourselves from feeling at the whim of life, or at the mercy of others. An important step in regaining our own power, and manifesting the life we truly desire, is the step of relinquishing fear.


Removing fear requires a change in perception and in behaviour. When you reach the point at which your desire for change outweighs your fear, you can begin the process and expect success.

I call this “finding the intention to change.” Ask yourself relevant questions, such as, “Do I want more from life, and from my relationships?” and “Do I wish to really feel in control of my reality?”

If the answer is a clear YES, then you have the intention to change!


Become aware of your feelings. To know how you truly feel, ask yourself, “How am I feeling right now?”

Practice this every day, until you know how to recognize your authentic feelings. Make it a ritual you do whenever you feel any unease.


If you are still finding it difficult to feel what it is you truly feel, move to the next step and “become aware of your behaviours.”

When you feel anxiety, unease, or fear you will most likely react to others. It is your reactions in judging, becoming angry, attacking, or holding on to resentment that are observable. Observing or becoming aware of your behaviours will clearly point to “how you are feeling.” It is your back-up plan for discovering that something needs to change.

Change your behaviour. Sit quietly and connect with your inner Self. Go inward to stop yourself from reacting outwardly. Observing your behaviours will point to your feelings. In this awareness, ask yourself again, “Do I want more from life, and from my relationships, and do I wish to really feel in control of my reality?”


Decide to become fearless in facing the truth of your reality. Learn the art of boring down, going beyond the surface emotions to what’s at their root.

Boring down will help you face the experiences in your past that initiated the fears that have now created your current, fear-based reality.

In the case of severe trauma, professional help from a qualified practitioner is recommended to assist you in confronting your past experiences. Other conscious souls on the same journey can offer you tremendous support and comfort too.

Are you ready for a meditation that will help you begin to identify the past experiences that caused the negative thoughts separating you from others?

Let’s begin!

Boring down meditation (8 minutes)

Practice the three steps at least twice this week if you can.

Please, a polite note: if you feel discomfort, turn off and try again another time.


Be truthful as you take the steps above. Facing the truth will require courage and faith, as you have likely suppressed the truth within you almost all your life. Remember this affirmation as you undertake this exercise:

“We do not revisit the past to relive it. We revisit the past to forgive it and move on from it.”

When you learn that the lessons of your past were just lessons, errors – often those of others – and not who you are or evidence that you are genetically flawed in some way, your path to authentically connecting within begins. You start to manifest.

You are the creator of your reality, not subject to the whim of life – let’s reconnect and reclaim our inner knowing and our Self-love.


Finally, remember to hold your grace. By this I mean you should stay true to your own path. This applies even if others react negatively to your actions or find it difficult to accept your need to identify the past experiences that have caused you to feel the way you do. The key to living a truthful life is to be aware, to recognize choice, and to regain the power you hold within.

When you find the courage to face the truth of your reality, take a moment for Self and go within: you are allowing the mind to catch up with this new way of thinking, and forming new habits.

To hold your grace is to go about your day in quiet acceptance each time you have the courage to recognize and face the truth.