We all want our children to be happy.  What better sound is there than hearing children laughing, happy and having fun – engrossed in their own world – enjoying the present moment!

How do you encourage that laughter and joy to continue each day as they as they grow older?

Especially when we may feel joy and laughter has been lost from our own lives.

Parenting can definitely be challenging at times…. so, we hope you can use these 10 tips to help those make challenging moments happen less often or when they do occur… those challenges less daunting….

  1. Be more aware of your children – take time out each day to just observe them – what do you feel when you observe them. Isn’t the feeling of over-whelming love when you look at your children fantastic?
  2. Preserve their innocence—recognize their age and let them live it.
  3. Nurture them. Allow them to express themselves. Celebrate their laughter—do not hinder it.
  4. Talk to them instead of demanding things of them.
  5. If you want them to listen to you, occasionally act silly with them—act their age (have fun).
  6. Encourage their creative side and allow them to be Self-reliant. Don’t do everything for them. Let them help Mom and Dad.
  7. Listen to them—this is big. Nurture them (do not over-nurture them), and they will hear their wants and needs. It is not as demanding as some would believe. It is actually a beautiful realization. The simplicity of their lives is, in a way, a connection with our own (long ago suppressed).
  8. Make the time you have with them quality time. Listen, laugh, and play—get on the swings; play baseball or football.
  9. Never judge, criticize, or belittle them in front of others. Give them confidence in Self. In fact, judgments and criticisms of them will suppress their self-worth. (Guide them later in the quiet of their home.)
  10. Help them understand their feelings. Allow them to feel and to trust in their inner Self and the instincts they feel within their bodies. Encourage their instinctive knowledge. Allow them to learn what many of us were deprived of.

Sometimes we feel as Mum and Dads that never get it right no matter what we do.  So most importantly remember not to be too hard on yourself – be confident you are doing a great job.