Book launch 2013 and there I was in a big American city for my first book launch. Famous faces, hundreds upon hundreds of people and me and my book Silent. I remember walking to the book stand and seeing the striking graphics and numerous colours of other books on show amongst my own … a gloss black cover with capital white lettering depicting the word SILENT.

I didn’t know what to expect – but went about business meeting an array of superstars in the self-help world (images within) … it felt great speaking to these gurus up close and personal. Very open, very warm individuals who genuinely appreciate the industry and had come to Pasadena to provide guidance and a helping hand for authors with a keen interest in their field.

Following a major, sell out, event with Wayne Dyer and Gregg Braden I sat at the book stand waiting…hoping… for the people to come and discuss my book that I’d just published.

I recall feeling quite anxious, wondering if anyone had read it…. And if they had done…. not knowing how it may have been received. A little time to meditate was interrupted by my first intrigued consumer … she seemed to be running toward me and then when she saw my rather large pile of SILENT copies on the stand – she then had a big smile on her face and a look of relief! I found her racing up this long corridor quite amusing…. as well as feeling a little bewildered! She couldn’t have been worried she was going to miss out on buying my book when I only had about 300 copies sat next to me (HAHA) and as yet hadn’t had a single customer come to the stand.

I was amused to say the least…

Huffing and puffing when she got there the lovely lady said, “I’ve been looking at your book all day .. can I have one please and will you sign it?”

I was grateful she went to so much effort and I gladly signed her a copy. She seemed so chuffed with herself and I felt even more amused and admittedly slightly puzzled.

Then I realised why?

Within 10 minutes the queue at my book stand was over 30 meters long – within 20 minutes you couldn’t even see the end of the line. The only thing stopping the book from leaving the counter was everyone wanting to chat and get their autographed copy. It was a busy day.

Truly thankful Pasadena … a great city and I hold great memories of Pasadena – definitely a strong spiritual awareness culminating and one day I hope to go back.

Gregory Nicholas Malouf