How often do you feel anxious, worried or concerned? Are you angry and upset with others, do you have feelings of discontentment or feelings of being unfulfilled and unappreciated? When does your mind not just stop and for an instant in time, do nothing, think no thought and truly rest in solitude and silence, so that those negative feelings can be felt, observed, acknowledged, understood, accepted and then released?

Now we can decide to look for the signs that all is not right. Save what we have, appreciate and love what we have, and enjoy life to the fullest. It cannot be done unless we identify with our truth, observe clearly, feel this reality and connect within.

Resting your mind in nothingness is to rest your body. And a body which is well rested finds its path to passion, to live with energy and vitality. A mind of no-thought is a mind living consciously in the present moment. But how can anyone ask you to do this? You have never lived apart from thought, and now you are asked to go against the very thing that holds your make-believe world together?

A life spent hard and fast literally robbed me of a childhood. I was born into money in a working-class town, social status was a given, but family secrets lay concealed until the truth of a different reality came to light. With no formal qualifications, life was growing up on the street. Alone at fourteen it was flight or fight. I chose the latter. I became a successful entrepreneur living life the same way as it started – fear and anxiety were my greatest lessons.