I lived with fear, anxiety and unease for most of my life ─ from a traumatic childhood, to teenage years living with both psychological and physical addictions, that would all be replaced at age nineteen, with my primary addiction to work. Obsession to work, that led to a wildly successful career in all-things real estate. Earning six figures every week, I could go anywhere, and buy anything in the world I wanted – and I did. But there came a point in my life where I knew I was living a lie. The constant unease and anxiety I experienced finally manifested into a mid-life crisis. That’s when I started to ask very important questions for me and those close to me. Questions such as “what is the purpose of all this?”, “what is the meaning to life?”, and “why, with everything I have around me can’t I find sustainable joy and peace in my life?”

My journey to connect the dots to find a fulfilling life, went from a self-desire to understand more of the ‘why’ to life, to supporting those I loved, to a wider universal desire to help people in need. I developed a genuine passion to share my many lessons with anyone that felt they wanted more from their life. Silent was written to provide answers and simple practices, and thereby help people find ‘sustainable’ love, peace and joy in their lives.