Our Mission

“A foundation to unite, collectively share wisdom, and to find peace and joy consistently within our lives.”
Gregory Malouf Alt

Our Values

To enjoy the journey …and not just, the destination!

To become your own mentor… trust in Self – a sustainable, trusting reality that offers immense wellbeing.

To acknowledge the unrecognisable fear and anxiety we experience on a daily basis and replace these hidden showstoppers with joy and peace that we all rightfully deserve.

To become inspired from within, take chances as your intuition guides you, and change your life immeasurably.

To communicate together through shared and inspiring thought, and change reality, globally.

Gregory Nicholas Malouf

In the early nineties, Gregory Malouf built one of Australia’s most successful independent residential estate agencies in Sydney’s prestigious suburb Double Bay. In parallel with the agency world, Greg created a lucrative property development business and developed hundreds of individual apartments and commercial products, including shopping centres and residential resorts. He became one of Australia’s leading business entrepreneurs, employing hundreds of people, and was at the top of his industry.

As a successful entrepreneur, Greg could have had anything he wanted, and still his life fell apart. Despite his many successes, he would come to realize that his fortune was built on his drive to escape a traumatic past. He had no choice but to set out on a road of self-discovery and find his real passion and meaning in life.

Greg took time away from his businesses, accessed the courage to embrace change and find the answers to questions he’d long been asking, and transformed his life. After writing his books and completing a USA tour of speaking events, in 2010 he established the Epsilon Healing Academy to share the many lessons he has learned, with the aim of helping others find their own life’s purpose and, in doing so, live their dreams.

He has been able to let go of the past and live freely in the present. He now shares this important truth: We do not face our past to relive it; we face our past to forgive it and move on from it.

Greg has now embarked on a new journey and is living in England. In 2017 Greg became co-founder of the development group appointed to the £5bn inner-city/waterfront regeneration programme in the North West of England.

While busy with his developments, Greg has made it his mission to better the world through his passion for helping people explore their anxiety, challenge their fears, and reach their full potential, so they can live lives that in every way reflect who they are and what they most deeply desire.

“Your vision will become clear only when you can look into your own heart. Who looks outside, dreams; who looks inside, awakes.”

— Carl Jung