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We all know that money and success does not necessarily bring you happiness. Greg’s life has completely changed – and your life can change too. Greg started Epsilon Healing Academy to share the thoughts and ideas that if applied can bring you immeasurable benefits.

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It is very possible! Consciously creating, can and will happen if you give yourself the time to understand how it occurs. It starts from within you and not from things outside you. I have spent the last 10 years of my life practising simple steps that I will share, that can have a profound impact within your life.

We all feel like a rotten egg at times. But that is just our ego hanging on to the shame that we have carried through some past event, which in truth, is not our fault. Do not think you are in that boat alone. However, through becoming more aware of what causes us to feel this way, is the first step and the beginning of the end… (a very important step).

By understanding more about yourself and the immense capability that exists within you. You are a ‘creative being’ creating all the time, and it is within time we undo many life experiences and thereby manifest heartfelt desires, rather than our perceived needs which have not enhanced the quality of your life in any significant way. Recognising the difference is essential.

Perhaps that is because you were made to feel that way as you were growing up. The fact is we are all perfectly imperfect! Realising this question alone is an essential ‘awareness’. Awareness that starts change!
Unfortunately, there are many ‘givens in life’. We need a greater understanding of life, observing and reviewing the many daily events that happen in our life, then work together in a more conscious way – conscious, meaning aware – so we can make decisions that change these ill-perceived events. I would like to say that the world is in a great place, but in reality, it is not. Some examples of those givens in life are death, discrimination, racial hatred and environmental issues. The whole purpose of Epsilon is to come together and share ideas that can transform our lives and change the way we live in fear, by understanding the way we view life, and thereby being able to express a more loving reality by choice. In doing so, miracles are perceived. Events that once seemed impossible to overcome … are merely overcome. Faith is then strengthened from new experiences. We can learn from and release ourselves of errors, and find a more sustainable, healthy, joyful world to live in.
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